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Posted on Apr. 10th, 2012 am @ 10:26 am
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Looking to have long and voluminous hair, without the use of glue or Painful Long Procedures.


Introducing the Cold Fusion Hair Extension system! The great alternative to Hot Fusion, that lasts longer and looks just as great!!! Many people are skeptical about the hot fusion system because of the use of heat and glue in ones head, and while the method has been proven safe and effective, there are still those who are more comfortable with non glue method. That is where cold fusion comes into play!

How does it work?

The cold fusion system uses micro beads to attach small Pieces of hair to your own, in a safe and effective method. Your own hair is parted into sections and pieced off.  I then attach a small bead to your hair, add in a piece of  i-tipped hair (resembles a shoe lace end) and using a tightening tool, close the micro link and voila! Your hair has just gained 10 inches or more in length in Record time!!! This hair can be maintained like its your own, allowing for you to flat iron, curl, etc! With normal tightening, these extensions last 6 months or longer!!  This is the Latest rage in Hair Extension Techniques.

How is the quality of hair that you use?

I use only the best hair it's called Indian Temple Hair it's cuticle is most like Caucasian hair, and comes from only one donor. It has never been treated in Acid and is 100% guaranteed that every hair is facing the correct direction!! It even comes pre-trimmed so you won't lose any length. It comes in all sorts of colors and textures the hair will match and blend with your own so well, you wont even recognize yourself!

Im sold!! How can I get this done?

CHECK OUT MY LOW LOW LOW price of $300 PLUS HAIR!!!!! Most salons will start off at $800- $1000 and that doesn't even include the hair, Why not Look amazing for a fraction of the normal price??!

Find me on Facebook by searching Hair Extensions by Shelese or copy and paste this address:


  • Service Area: Ogden to SLC
  • Service Rates: 300 plus hair
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